R330 CSA Licenced and Open Categories


R230 Open Categories


R120 Open Categories Starting time 08:00

Frequent Asked Questions

When is the online entries closing

Online entries closing on 13 January 2020.

How do I pay

Entries are via the Internet only and therefore payment needs to be done with a valid Credit or Debit Card

Do I have to qualify to enter The Fast One Cycle Race?

No, you do not have to qualify to take part, but we do suggest that you participate in other races throughout the year. This will ensure that you are fit for The Fast One Cycle Race. Participation in other events could also improve your seeding position.

I am a resident outside of South Africa. Can I enter and how do I go about entering?

Yes, you can. To enter please go to:http://www.cycleevents.co.za/road-events/the-fast-one/

How old do I have to be to enter the race?

Fourteen years old. For safety reasons, no any person younger than 14 years may enter the 97 Km race. If a younger person wants to ride, he/she can enter the 50 Km or 28 Km fun ride, provided that written consent is given by a parent or guardian

What kind of bike may I ride?

Any traditional bicycle or tandem bicycle that is not motorized. Recumbent bicycles are also allowed in certain categories

Do I need a license to enter the race?

Yes. All participants ( for the 97 Km, 50 Km and 28 Km races ) have to be holders of a CSA License. This license may consist of one of the following: Full Racing License Membership License Day License – for riders not holding one of the above. A day license is only valid for the day of the race and for that specific race only. It may not be used in any other event.

How long do I have to finish the race:

You have 5 hours to complete the event, within your group’s start time. However, there are enforced cut-off points along the route. If you do not reach that specific point within the allocated time, the marshalls will not let you proceed further. If you do, you will no longer be considered as partaking in the race and you will be cycling under your own responsibility. Please check the website or the Race brochure for the cut off times.

I’ve entered. Now what?

If your entry is valid, you will receive your race number via email and/or SMS by mid January 2020 after the seeding run.

May I collect my Number on the day of the race?

Elite and Licensed riders: NO Your race numbers can only be collected during the registration days, as you will need to present your license to the CSA officials All other open categories: Yes For all open categories, race numbers may be picked up at the race venue ( Midvaal Raceway in Meyerton) on the day of the race, from 05H00. This service is primarily destined to assist those who could not pick up their numbers during the registration days, due to extraordinary circumstances ( participants who stay far from the registration points, arrived too late to collect, forgot to collect, etc ) Nevertheless, cyclists are advised to be there early to avoid arriving late at the start. The Organizers will not be responsible whatsoever for any cyclist starting late due to delay in picking up his/her number.

Can another person collect my number at registration?

Yes provided that the person collecting your number has your written consent for that effect.

How will I be timed?

The event is timed by RaceTec

Do I need a timing chip to enter or participate in the race?

No, you do not need to have a timing chip to participate. However, if you do not have a timing chip you will not get a timing result. Please ensure that, in order to avoid false or no reading, your chip is installed as per supplier’s recommendation. Since timing is provided by a third party service provider, the Organizers are not involved in any aspect of the timing process. Should you have any question or query on any aspect of the timing process or timing results, please contact RaceTec directly – queries@racetec.co.za

What if I decide during the race, that I cannot continue further?

There are sweep vehicles on the route. Move off of the road and wait for the sweep vehicle, or flag down an official vehicle to call for the sweep vehicles. At all Water points there are dedicated sweep pick up areas as well. The sweep vehicles will drop you and your bike at the finish venue.

I would like to ride together with family members and friends. How do I do this?

Each person will have to enter individually. Everyone is seeded according to their own individual index. Should a person starting in an earlier group wish to ride with family or friends, he or she can choose to start in a later group with his/her friends or family. Any rider is permitted to start in a later group. However, If a cyclist starts in an earlier group, he or she will not receive timing. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

May I start in a different group instead of the one I have been allocated to?

Depends. Any cyclist may start in a later group than he/she has originally been allocated to. However, you are not permitted to start in an earlier group. If you do, you will not receive timing, even if your chip was read. There will be no exceptions to this rule neither any correspondence in connection herewith will be entered into, so, please do make sure you start in the correct group.

Is there any compulsory safety item that needs to be worn?

Yes, the wearing of a helmet is COMPULSORY. No cyclist will be permitted to ride without a recognized cycling safety helmet. Anyone found along the route not wearing an helmet will immediately be pulled out of the race by the safety marshals and will not be permitted to carry on. Remember NO HELMET, NO RIDE